Ashlene’s Laser & Wax Studio Microblading

Eyelash Extensions

Get natural-looking lashes that make your eyes pop and eliminate the need for mascara. Our lashes last longer, look fuller and our clients are loving them!

Classic Natural Volume Lashes Full Set – $120.00

Eyelashes are added one to one on each lash to attain a natural look.

Hybrid Volume Lashes – $95.00

Is a mix of the natural look and full volume for those that want a bit more of a fuller look than classic.

Full Volume Lashes 3D & 4D – $140.00

Is a full volume look 3d & 4d look. For someone that wants to look like they have a lot of lashes and drama.

Glam Volume Lashes 5D & 6D – $160.00

The Ultimate lashes for the girl that can’t get enough. 5d & 6d look.

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