If the pain of a wax doesn’t phase you, then what’s stopping you from laser hair removal?

At Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio, we may been known for the best Brazilian wax in Vancouver, but our advanced  laser hair removal technology makes the option for permanent hair removal more than desirable.

There are many differences between waxing and getting laser hair removal, but one of the biggest similarities is the level of pain inflicted during both treatments. Laser hair removal is the next level up from waxing, so for those of you who are fed up with the countless waxing appointments every month, this is for you!

When you get waxed, the hair follicle is being pulled out of the skin at the root so that the hair growth is stumped for a limited amount of time. Waxing is not necessary for up to four to five weeks. Although retardation of the hair can be achieved with waxing, it does so slowly and not possible with everyone. Unlike waxing, laser hair removal destroys the hair follicle through multiple series of treatments and eventually stops the hair growth all together.

Your first laser hair removal appointment is similar to the pain level of waxing. Everyone has a different pain threshold and the level of tolerance may differ from client to client. Would you rather come every month for the rest of your life enduring the sting of waxing or eight treatments and be done with it? Laser hair removal rectify the issue permanently so hair removal discomfort won’t be necessary the rest of your life.

A cooling gel is applied to the treatment area to ensure the most comfortable experience during your laser procedure. The Elos Plus hair removal laser, is the most advanced laser hair removal technology, and treatments are significantly less than those of traditional lasers. Each  zap lasts only a split second and you may experience a slight warming sensation. The heat sensation won’t occur with every zap but may be experienced throughout. Depending on the area, treatment times range from 15 minutes (for underarm) up to an hour (for a full leg). Depending on your pain tolerance, Ashlene will give you breaks throughout.

The best way to describe the feeling of the laser is a rubber band snapping against the skin for a split second. Depending on the area, the pain will differarms and legs will be less painful than sensitive areas like your face or who-ha. It all comes down to the thickness of the skin (the thicker the skin, the less painful it is).

The Elos Plus laser leaves all skin surrounding the hair follicle unharmed and minimizes any risk associated with laser hair removal. A cooling application is built into the Elos Plus to maximize comfort of the treatment and protect the top layer of the skin. To cool the skin after the treatment, Ashlene will apply an aloe soothing gel to the treated area. The discomfort or slight warmth will only last for the moments during the treatment and does not succeed your appointment.

In conclusion, you will have some discomfort but it really is no different than waxing. The difference is with laser hair removal, there is a light at the end of tunnelthe treatments end with permanently hair free skin. Laser hair removal didn’t become the number one aesthetic treatment in North America by being too much to handle. You can do it (even if you consider yourself baby with pain)!

If you are still worried, contact Ashlene for a test patch during your free consultation so you know what to expect. The slight pain of laser hair reduction makes up for the countless pain of bumps, ingrown hairs, and rashes that seem to pop up when shaving and waxing. So put down the razors and forget waxing, talk to Ashlene about laser hair removal today.

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