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Ashlene's Laser and Wax Studio Vancouver laser hair removal fall promotion

6 Underarm Laser Hair Removal Treatments for Only $300 (regular $500)

Limited Time Only!

For a limited time, save over 40% on your underarm laser hair removal treatments. Buy a package of 6 for only $300 ($500 regular) and save $200.

This package is for 6 Underarm Laser Hair Removal sessions for one person. Be free of shaving with irritation and having to wait in between waxes with hairy armpits. One of the most desired Laser services to have done. Free yourself and your mind with this package.

Okay It’s Time!

Now is a great time of year to start Laser Hair Removal.  We are no longer basking in the sun on warm summer days.  Unfortunately, it’s over, but now we have the chance to get ourselves ready for next year!Hair is an issue for all of us and some of us are sick and tired of dealing with it on a monthly basis.  If that’s you then we should be talking about Laser to get you going sooner than later.  Don’t worry if you plan a tropical vacation we can still work around your vacation with Laser.  You just need to be out of the sun for two weeks after your trip and you’ll be ready to start lasering again.

Generally there’s 4-6 weeks between treatments for Face and anything on the Torso which includes Bikini.  Legs you Laser every 8-10 weeks, it has a different hair growth cycle.  You’ll be needing 6-8 sessions on any area of your body you treat with some people needing a few more depending on your hair, hormones etc.

You can pay as you go per session or you can do a package of 6 at a discount.  This can be split into two payments.  If you need a few more sessions after your package is complete you will continue to get the discounted price per session.

My pricing is extremely competitive.  I wanted this service to be available for all us regular peeps and not make it so elitist.  I am a results orientated person and will make sure that we are increasing the energy at each session to ensure maximum results for you.  I have talked with other people who’ve had over 14 sessions and not had a big difference in hair loss.  There’s a couple of reasons this is happening.  They have the machine on a low setting to keep you coming back for more sessions, they don’t know what they’re doing, they might not be using a high quality machine.  I am using a brand new state of the are Elos Plus Laser Hair Removal Machine made by Syneron Candela.  They are a top leader in Laser Machines.

My integrity and passion is high and I will do everything in power to ensure you results!

Pricing is up on my site, so check out what you want to be done. 

Package pricing is not currently listed.  Please inquire.

If you have any questions call, text, email or talk with me at your next appointment.

Be hair free!

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