Does your makeup routine consist mainly of brow products and mascara?

Not surprising considering 2016 saw a 42 percent rise of eyebrow products in Canada alone. Simplify your morning routine with eyelash and eyebrow tinting at Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio.

American women spend approximately 55 minutes on their appearance every single day, according to a recent survey. That’s about 335 hours—approximately two full weeks—a year spent on daily grooming. At Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio, we believe no one should have to sacrifice looking good and feeling confident in order to shed precious morning minutes, which is why we offer eyelash and eyebrow tinting. Our owner and trained esthetician, Ashlene French, can have your brows and lashes looking naturally perfect in 30 minutes or less.

If you’re a contact wearer, we recommend switching to your glasses on the day of your appointment, in case any ink gets onto your contact lens. If ink does travel into the eyes this is no problem, it will not cause any damage. You may feel a slight stinging sensation, which is completely normal. After the initial session your hairs may seem too dark, however they will lighten to your desired colour over just one or two washes.

If you’re planning on tinting your brows or lashes before a big event, we recommend making your appointment at least one week prior to the planned date. This ensures the pigment will have time to fade to your desired colour, and will look most natural.

The procedure itself is quick and comfortable, with no downtime. Each session in our light and airy studio starts with a discussion over tint colours and undertones. Ashlene will work with you to determine a shade that best suits your skin tone and hair colour. For those with blue and green eyes we usually recommend a blue-black tint for the eyes, and blackest black for every other eye colour.

After this consultation any makeup, dirt or oil surrounding the eye area will be removed with a fresh wipe, ensuring the skin is completely clean. Brow tinting takes about 15 minutes from start to finish, while lashes need a bit more time (between 15 to 20 minutes). If you’re looking to have both areas tinted Ashlene can still have you and your naturally re-defined eye area out the door in 30 minutes, with results that will last up to four weeks.   

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