Waxing or laser hair removal off body and facial hair can be daunting, especially if it’s your first time.

With both methods of hair removal, well-known misconceptions can stray people to away from the more advanced methods and stick with shaving.


Hair Removal Myth #1: Waxing facial hair can cause premature wrinkles

The thought process behind this myth is when a wax strip is removed, the tugging motion can make skin more lax and cause skin to sag and cause premature wrinkles. This is not the case, not when waxing is performed properly. Skin should always be held as taut as possible before wax is spread onto the skin, ensuring little to no skin movement when the strip is then removed. Any experienced aesthetician, such as founder of Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio, Ashlene French, knows how to properly protect your skin from pulling. Not only is this myth incorrect, but waxing can actually act as a beneficial exfoliate for your skin, removing dead cells and revealing the fresher skin underneath. Over time and continuous waxing, skin can actually look younger.

Hair Removal Myth #2: Waxing is always painfulno matter what

The level of pain experienced during a waxing appointment is highly dependent on two things: the quality of wax and expertise of the aesthetician. Although some pain is expected, as the hair follicle is being removed from the root, using a careful preparation process and high-grade wax ensures our clients are as comfortable as possible. The wax Ashlene uses for all her appointments is infused with essential oils that significantly reduce pain and/or irritation. To further reduce pain, plan your waxing as far from your special time of month as possible. When waxing closer to your period, the skin is more sensitive and can increase the skin significantly.

Hair Removal Myth #3: Laser hair removal is too expensive

Laser hair removal can greatly vary in price, depending on which technology is used; however, laser hair removal ends up being more cost efficient than shaving or waxing. The average woman spends approximately $10,207 on shaving products in her lifetime, and a whopping $23,000 on waxing. Although it may seem cost effective in the moment, having to consistently repurchase products or services adds up. Laser hair removal is the only hair removal option that offers permanent results. At Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio, we offer competitive pricing and treatments with the most efficient technology on the market to save you time and money.

Hair Removal Myth #4: Hair has to be long for waxing to work

Depending on the quality of wax used, hair does not have to be long to be pulled from the root. In fact, most professional waxing salons only need hair to be a quarter of an inch long (about the size of a grain of rice) to ensure a smooth, silky finish. At Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio, we recommend abstaining from shaving 10 to 14 days before your first appointment (depending on how fast your hair grows). Between waxings, we suggest leaving hair to grow to the minimum length of a quarter inch before making your next appointment which is generally every four to five weeks. As all hair follicles do not go through stages of the growth cycle at the same time, it may take time before all hair reaches this length. Waiting until the majority of the hair is long enough will ensure your appointment is most effective.  

Hair Removal Myth #5: Laser hair removal doesn’t work on dark skin/those with lighter hair

Not all hair removal lasers are created equal. Although several systems currently on the market cannot accommodate those with darker skin tones or lighter hair, the Elos Plus by Syneron Candela does. Other laser hair removal technologies use heat power to target the melanin in hair (only effective for those with light skin and dark hair), whereas the Elos Plus Diode laser uses both bipolar radiofrequency and optical energy to remove hair without overheating the skin. For those with light hair or those darker skin tones, traditional laser hair removal technology can be ineffective and even painful, as the laser’s heat energy can be absorbed into the skin. The Elōs Plus Diode laser, used at Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio, operates on a single wavelength, allowing laser energy to be extremely concentrated. Elōs Plus is able to target and destory each individual hair follicle, without affecting the surrounding skin. With this advanced technology, darker skin tones have minimal risk of pain or scarring and lighter hair colours have a higher level of clearance.

Do you have a preconception of laser hair removal or waxing? Book your free consultation with Ashelene today. 

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