Leaving the fate of your hair-free aspirations in the hands of a complete stranger holding a laser gun can bring on some major anxiety. We get it!  Knowing exactly what you’re signing up for when booking your first laser hair removal treatment is essential.

If you have never had any treatment or procedure done “down there” before, take comfort in the fact that it is an entirely different experience (and far less awkward) than your yearly pap test at the doctor’s office. However, finding the right esthetician is essential for your comfort. Ashlene is an experienced esthetician with expertise in both laser hair removal and waxing. At Ashlene’s Laser & Wax Studio, you are guaranteed a safe, comfortable, and professional atmosphere with positive results.

No matter where you book your appointment, you should expect these qualities.

If it’s your first time with your esthetician, expect a quick consultation before you get started. The best candidates for laser hair removal are fair-skinned with dark hair follicles, but the Elos Plus does work on all skin tones and hair types. Prior to your appointment, you should have shaved the areas in which you want the laser to target. If you don’t complete this step prior to your appointment, the hair past the skin surface will burn from the laser and the treatment will be less beneficial. It is important to be diligent when shaving for your laser treatment. Some people do a quickie job but in this case you can’t. Shave in rows with slight overlap to ensure as clean a shave as possible. Ashlene has disposable razors available in the studio in case you missed an area.

The first step of the 15 to 30-minute treatment is the application of a cooling gel on the desired area. The gel is cold but helps to ensure the laser application remains comfortable for the entirety of the procedure. Before proceeding with the laser portion of the treatment, you and your esthetician should put on a pair of sunglasses. It is required for your esthetician to provide you with a pair of protective eye wear to ensure your eyes are not in direct contact with the powerful laser light.

Elos’ Motif Hair Removal’s revolutionary technology makes laser hair removal comfortable, safe and effective. The advanced Syneron Candela technology makes the procedure virtually painless. By combining bipolar radiofrequency and optical energy, the elos technology can safely target hair follicles. Clients can expect a slight tingling or warm sensation.

After the laser hair removal treatment, we will remove the cooling gel and a topical gel will be applied to sooth the skin. Any redness experienced should disappear within an hour of the treatment; however, it is important to avoid immediate contact to the sun with the treated area.

Depending on your hair’s growth-rate, you can expect to return for your next appointment between four to six weeks. With each treatment reducing grow back, you’ll notice lighter and softer hair after each appointment. Laser hair removal differs from waxing—instead removing the hairs entirely, lasering actually destroys the root overtime preventing future growth.

Over the next one to three weeks you will notice your hair follicles falling out, leaving only smooth skin. What, did you think this was an average laser hair removal solution? Think again with Elos Motif!

To book your laser hair removal appointment, call today!