Thinking of going to an accessory store for your next piercing?

You know the ones we mean, where the cashier is also the one punching holes in your lobes. At Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio, we offer a safe, clean and reliable piercing experience you can trust.


Our owner and trained aesthetician Ashlene French offers a variety of piercing options for you to choose from: the earlobe, ear cartilage, and nose with a variety of earring options. All earrings are medical grade, pre-sterilized with Ethylene Oxide and made in the US. Unlike other stores that offer ear piercing services with low-quality jewelry, Ashlene provides superior studs to reduce the risk of inflammation and skin irritation. With options such as birthstones, diamonds, flowers, on either stainless steel, silver or gold posts, there’s something for everyone.


Any piercings of the ear are performed using the FDA approved Inverness 2000 piercing system: the safest, most advanced and sterile ear piercing device currently on the market. One of the notable safety features is a 100 percent earring encapsulation, which protects each client from possible cross between previous piercings. The Inverness 2000 also uses a patented system known as Safety Clutch™, which eliminates the chance of the backing getting squeezed too tightly to the back of the ear. The earrings used by Ashlene also have a longer shaft, giving the pierced area more room to breathe and allowing fresh air to get through and help clean the new hole.   


The nose is pierced a bit differently, as it’s a more delicate area and central to the face. The area is first cleaned with Dr. Pierce Anti-Bacterial Body Piercing Cleanser, and then pierced using a specialized contraption that is designed for one time use. This means each nose is pierced with it’s own fresh and completely sterile device. As the nose is a sensitive area, and therefore more prone to infection, this extra measure is necessary to ensure fast and complete healing.    


Each new piercing must be kept in for two full months to completely heal. The combination of Ashlene’s meticulous preparation process, high-grade jewelry, and advanced piercing devices will ensure your healing time to be a painless and comfortable process. Once the piercing is complete, Ashlene will go over an aftercare process with you to ensure the hole of the piercing does not become infected.

Looking to add another piercing to your collection? Choose a safe and professional treatment, courtesy of Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio. Contact us today to book your appointment.  

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