What to expect when first exposing your who-ha to a complete stranger during your first waxing appointment—from the moment you unzip to the moment you leave.

Even though the summer is ending, for most women waxing appointments continue all year. If you’ve never waxed before, the hesitation or feelings of anxiety are completely normal. Exposing your who-ha to a complete stranger can be uncomfortable, to say the least, and often times the most nerve-wracking part of the experience is not knowing what to expect. Whether you’re going for your first wax at Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio or have been waxing with the same esthetician for years, we believe it is essential that all women know the proper etiquette for waxing appointments.

When you arrive at Ashlene’s Wax and Laser Studio you will be greeted and lead to into the waxing room where you’ll have a quick consultation. This is a great opportunity for some small talk and to ask any questions before any unzipping. If it’s your first waxing appointment, let your esthetician know any worries you may have. If you are a baby with pain, don’t be afraid to mention it!  

Once you are comfortable and the esthetician knows which style of wax you would like, she will give you privacy while you remove your pants and underwear, lie down on the waxing bed, and cover yourself with a towel. Although this might seem like a necessary step (as your esthetician is about to see you who-ha in more detail than even you). This is a standard act of etiquette you should always expect from any wax studio. You should also always expect clean disposable sheet will be laid on the salon bed for your appointment. As well as a fresh towel(s) provided for sanitary reasons.

Estheticians are required to wear gloves throughout the entirety of your waxing appointment. From applying and removing the strips to calming your skin with lotion or baby powder. At Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio, our estheticians will start by removing your towel. Then applying essential oils to help ease the pain and to sooth the hair follicles before pulling. Once the desired area has been soothed with oil, the waxing will begin.

There are many types of waxing styles down there. From bikini waxes to Brazilians, every woman has a preference of the final look. You can discuss exactly what you want during your consultation at the beginning of your appointment.

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Warm wax is applied to the skin using a wooden spatula—this should only ever touch your skin once before being disposed, as a second use will contaminate the hot wax. This is essential to take mind of as this wax pot is used on many clients and germs can easily spread.

Next, a waxing strip (which has a texture in between cloth and paper) is placed over the warm wax on your skin for approximately 20 seconds as it dries. Once the wax has dried, the esthetician will hold the surrounding skin taut and in one motion, will pull the strip in the opposite direction as your hair grows. This process repeats itself until the entirety of the area is clear of unwanted hair. Depending on the esthetician, she may ask you to move into uncomfortable and sometimes awkward positions in order to get the hard to reach areas (you’ll thank her later!). For example, during a Brazilian wax, you’ll often be asked to turn to your side as they get your backside. You may also be asked to help hold skin taut in more sensitive areas.

Just how painful is a wax? Different clients have multiple pain thresholds, and not to mention different thickness and types of hair. Depending on the person and the area that is being waxed, the pain will differ. For women, the wax pain is brief and doesn’t succeed the appointment.

After the esthetician is finished with the strips, they may go back through their work and tweeze any hairs that were missed.  A soothing cream (of often baby powder) will be applied to waxed area of skin. The esthetician will leave the room for a couple minutes so you can double check her work. If there are any missed sections, let your esthetician know. So it can be fixed before you are again, given privacy to dress.

You may notice that the area of skin remains slightly red for approximately two to three hours. If redness succeeds the end of the day, please let your esthetician know. Upon leaving, book your next appointment for approximately three weeks post wax studio visit.

Like everything in life, it gets more comfortable with time. Once you’ve found the esthetician that gives you the results and comfort you need, don’t let her go! For many women, we spend years with the same waxing studio. At Ashlene’s Laser and Wax Studio, Ashlene believes whether it’s first appointment or 100th, etiquette should never be compromised.

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